We have standardized our range of bobbins to respond broadly and in very responsive manner to national and international demands. 


Buffer stock of bobbins in the various models

We dispose of a permanent buffer stock in every model of bobbin – around 1 million pieces of each model – to prevent a break in supply to our customers.


Prices stability

We have at our disposal a large stock of raw material and finished products, which enables us to keep our prices stable in the best interests of each of our customers.


Buffer stock of handles on request

We manufacture handles for bags on request and taking into account the specific needs of our customers – including colors - but we can also in partnership consider the storage of products in our premises.


Disponibility / Quality

"Our small size is our greatness" : we have made the small size of our company an asset for our responsiveness and our dynamism.

Each of our employees is concerned and responsible for the satisfaction, respect and dedication that are due to all our customers.

Products quality follows rigorously the specifications and a clearly defined charter of quality assurance.

Fast Delivery

We can produce and deliver your orders quickly – the delay is often the carrier's own delay – considering the large size of our stock of finished products and our production flexibility.

In case of emergency, risk of disruption on a production line – we can also deliver pieces to the production sites by express mail.

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